un'avventura italiana...a loose coverage of my forays into cultural studies (90% italian-american).

oops! the title is correctly 'al lupo' but that's something I discovered much later.

Every time I see that damn d’Azeglio quote about “making Italians” I want to stab my eyes out

WHY is everyone so quick insinuate that Italy is some kind of failed experiment in nation-building at the first sign of political, economic, geographic or social disunity?Certainly the Northern League isn’t doing anything to help this, but isn’t the base foundation that these divisions exist and are being acted on* a sign of a collective will? Couldn’t you make the same argument of the divisions that have existed in nearly every country if you argued far enough back into their metaphorical rise as states?

*positively for many issues, but for some even poorly in the short term they are at least being addressed 


PET PEEVE cliches about Italy abounding in the news (feel free to add): 

"Italy-It was always more of an idea than a country"-Foreign Policy Magazine

Metternich… Italy was just a “mere geographical expression”- the economist (although arguing the opposite here)

Italy's Divisions

The Economist’s take on disunity at Italy’s 150th b-day. 

certainly not the best summary I’ve seen, but it does put a visual face to it. In short, this is a drop in the bucket overview of some much deeper, more complicated issues which could be seen as either strengths or problems, depending on one’s approach. 

Mario Draghi Scouted for the ECB

The Economist briefly touches on the unfortunate role of prejudice in the selection process for the next president of the European Central Bank. 

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